Friday, October 31, 2008


Todd and I are happy to report that our little peanut is a GIRL!!! We bought a little pink dress for her to celebrate. She has already got a great wardrobe started thanks to yours truly! (Everybody tells me when Kidz Kloset comes to town you have to be prepared to take advantage of those great prices, and everybody was right.) And her closet is awesome! We had Gulf Coast Storage Solutions come in and design it. Tim (the designer) did a bang up job. Her closet is like an organizers dream. I will continue to strive for this skill!

The name thing is still a bone of contention around the Cheney household. I really like Anna Todd, but Todd still wants to debate about other names. Both our grandmothers were named Ann and doesn't every little girl want to be named after her daddy? I mean really...what is there to debate about??? I guess the double name thing is still a foreign concept to my Boston husband. So the debate lives on....

Here is a pic of her fabulous closet! Notice the Mississippi State onesie, her first pink dress for church and I even bought her a dress for her first Christmas (size 9 months....thinking ahead my friends!) I am a little excited to say the least!