Friday, December 12, 2008

Anna Todd's First Photo Session!!!

We had our 4D ultrasound today, and I highly recommend all my prego friends to fork out the money to get one. Todd couldn't be there because he is in Cape Cod visiting his family. We got 80 pictures on CD and a DVD of the entire session so he will get to see everything I saw.

I was warned that these ultrasounds are baby dependent...meaning if the baby is not cooperative you don't get good pictures. Well I am happy to report that Anna Todd LOVES the camera! She was posing and moving so good. Folks, we may have a model in the making!!! I was so pleased with pictures. I think she already has Todd's feet because Deidre (the ultrasound tech)said her feet are big! Anna Todd still has her legs crossed...Deidre said she is a modest little thing. At the end of out time she put her hand above her forehead as to say "No more pictures." I guess she is anticiapting the paparazzi...or maybe just her mother with a new camera!


The Abercrombie Fam said...

How sweet!!!

The Hannahs said...

I do believe she's as gorgeous as her Aunt Rach! Love you all!

amie simpson said...

Yes...girls are sooo fun. They are so sweet and innocent. Emma keeps us laughing!!! /You are going to love playing dress up with her!!!


MY Sweetest Joni,and My Hoddy Toddy,
(I think I see two babies in there.)
I hope you are all well. Uncle Dennis and I think that 2009 is going to be a very blessed, and happy year for us all. It won't be long now, before that first blessing will be here. Aunt Roc Roc just cannot wait to kiss her sweet,little toes,feed her,rock her,and watch as those gorgeous eyes of hers look back up at me. What a special love,tender moments and joyous memories Anna Todd's arrival will bring to us all. I believe we have ALL fallen in love, and she's not even here yet.
We're waitin on you sweet girl!! LOVE U.