Friday, June 5, 2009

AT at 2 months

Anna Todd has turned two months old since my lapse in blogging. She weighed 12.05 and was 23.5 inches long...90th percentile in both categories. She also got a round of immunizations at her check up. She did really well with the shots but 4 hours later was a different story. I guess she just didn't feel good. She started sobbing and I could not make it and I just rocked and cried together. An hour later we both felt better. It was seriously the first time in her short life she has ever cried for no reason...Did I tell you that I am truly blessed with a really good baby!

She has also grown very fond of her bumbo chair...another awake time activity. Her cousins Ella and Jack sent her a book that spells out her name and she really likes when I read to her! At 11 weeks old AT rolled over but hasn't rolled over since. She is getting really strong during tummy time, and Todd thinks she should be walking by 4 months. LOL

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Joni, Im working on her library, I got her 2 books I will send this week!! yay!!