Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jackson Baby Shower

Todd and I were given a shower in Jackson by our friends and family. So many people came that are close to us, and we felt so special! Even my friend, Cambre, and her baby, Neely, came from so far away to surprise me (Kansas City!) Thanks Lindsay and Madoyn for hosting it for us and all your preparation and time! We had a BLAST and thanks for all the great gifts....Anna Todd is a lucky little girl!

Neely, Cambre, Mrs. Julie, Raylin, Christie, and Joni

Joni and Todd (His favorite..the Baby Bjorn!)

Momma and Joni

Joni and Mandy...the 2 preggers!

Lindsay, Joni, Hilary and Jennifer

Anna Todd's diaper bag...Thanks Lindsay and Eric!

Todd and Katlan

The Twins...not planned! HA!

Leanne (my only girl cousin) and Joe

Daddy, Michael, Jolie, Katie and Chappell

Madolyn and Momma

Eric and Lindsay

Amber and Travis

Lindsay, Joni, Hilary, Emmy and Jennifer


The Bryants said...
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The Bryants said...

Loved looking at all the pics! So cute! Hope you are still doing great!