Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mardi Gras

Our friends, Amy and Brian, invited us to their Mardi Gras Ball....our first experience. We had a great time but left at 11:30 for obvious reasons, ie notice my belly! This Mardi Gras thing is a huge deal in South Alabama! I never realized the month of February was a big ole party for those on the coastline. When you grow up in middle Mississippi you have no idea on how much you are missing out! Amy is part of the Periouettes (sp?) and they put on a show at 9pm. There was a queen and everything. Amy was part of the "Fire" dance group (there were many) and she did a great job! Our friend, Ashley (a fellow Perrouette,) danced to "Should've put a Ring on It" by Beyonce! So cute! After the show, the eating and drinking begins...I mean continues and then its a big dance party for everyone! So fun!

Todd, Joni, Brian, Amy, Jeremy, Janelle, Ashley and Kevin

Amy, Joni, Ashley and Janelle
Todd and Joni


The Marks Family said...

You look so great!! I'm so sad, I didn't know about your baby shower here. I would have loved to come. Hope you are doing well. I know you are ready for that sweet girl's arrival.

amie simpson said... cute you are! I wish that i could've come to your baby shower here. Looks like you got lots of fun stuff!!! Yes, girls and their daddys are terrible. I say that Emma has it bad for her daddy, but he has it just as bad for her! But, she'll love you some. lol!!! that's why you'll have to have a boy-they love their mamas!!! keep us updated on the baby. I CANNOT believe that you only have 3 wks left!!!! congrats!

The Hannahs said...

Looks like you had a great time. I cannot believe that it is almost time for Anna Todd to be here!!!! We can't wait to meet her!!!!!!!!!!
We love you and Todd-Todd very much and hope to see you soon!