Saturday, March 21, 2009

A New Generation is born...

I am sure you all know my Uncle Katlan. He is my mommy's younger and only sibling. I am looking forward to getting to know my uncle Katlan. Mommy says we are going to go to see him play a game called football. (I better get used to hearing that word!) My daddy says my uncle is in college, but that something I don't have to worry about right now. I LOVE my family! I get tons of kisses and hugs and they talk to me all the time.
Mommy said Katlan was the last baby born in 21 years (before me) in our immediate family. So
she said a new generation was started with me. There are lots of people who came to visit me other than Katlan, Papa and KK. "The Greats," that's my great Uncle Dennis and my Great Aunt Roc Roc Russell, Michael, Madolyn and Chappell (cousins,) my pastor and his wife, Pastor Tim and Mrs. Judy, Jeremy, Janelle, Randall, Angela, Dr. Jud Menefee, The Good's, Rachel, Amy and Jake (friends) all came to the hospital to welcome me into the world.

Me and Mommy have a whole list of people to thank. Lots of people from Faith Baptist have visited me and brought sooooo much food. No one at our house has even had to cook. My other great aunt and uncle, Suzanne and Benny, came over Saturday to visit me and my Aunt Suzanne just couldn't get enough of me...she loves BABIES!!! Just wanted to thank EVERYONE for all the prayers that got me here, visiting me and making my first weeks here so SPECIAL!!!

Judy, Jamie, Pastor Tim, Donnie

The Caldwell's


Brian, Ashley, Kevin, Amy, Jeremy, Janelle

Ansley and David

Mrs. Mary

Michael and Madolyn

Aunt Roc Roc and Dennis

Mrs. Kathy

Jeremy and Janelle

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