Friday, March 27, 2009

Our 1st Pajama Party

Anna Todd may be too young for spend the night parties, but she had her first friend over for an early night pajama party! Our friends Amy and Brian cooked dinner and brought their daughter Caroline with them to see AT. Amy decided she wanted Caroline ready for bed before they came so I thought it would be fun for both our girls to be in their pajamas. Our friends Jeremy and Janelle also came over. Janelle is expecting a little girl at the end of June. We can't wait for Peyton to get here and share in all the fun with our little darlings! Thanks Amy for cooking a fabulous dinner and to Janelle for cleaning my kitchen! You are both awesome friends!

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I wish I couldve brought my jammies, and cozied up with yall, too. How Cozy u all look. And those lil ones knew what was going on, for sure...Cute!
Well,doesnt look like it will b long before it's tea parties,Ballerina recitals and play dates.Joni, u look so good. Taking to motherhood like u born for it!!( I think it's your true calling!!lol Love u ALL!!