Sunday, April 12, 2009

Anna Todd Turns 1 Month

Anna Todd is growing like a weed. We had her one month doctor's appointment on Thursday (her birthday) and she weighed a whopping 10.02 lbs (75th percentile.) She was also 22.5 inches long, the 90th percentile. She is obviously a good eater because she has come a long way since we brought her home only weighing 6.12. Dr. Rux said all her newborn screening came back normal and he thinks she is perfect...I love it when he says that! She is becoming much more alert as her eyes get really big when you are talking to her. KK even thinks she is beginning to smile...sounds good to me! She is now sleeping in her OWN room in her OWN bed...Momma is obviously proud of this accomplishment. She is sleeping from 11pm to 9am with 2 feedings in between and usually can go back to sleep pretty quickly. And she loves her swing and sound machine the most. Momma and Daddy are loving getting to know her and can't remember what life was like without Miss Anna Todd!

Lovin her Daddy.

AT gives the sweetest kisses!

Starting to get used to bath time...but not her favorite.

"Talking" to Papa.

Janelle babysat AT while I went to my post-op appointment.



WOW,AT is getting much more alert. Her eyes are gorgeous! Hey, Momma, I have all my tools, and have been making bows!! AND, I KNOW that i bought AT a bow or barette to go with that cute lil outfit!!lol
I dont know if u found her Easter sox??


Happy Bday Anna Todd, Our Beautiful sunshine!! WE cant wait to give u your
1st taste of chocolate,yum,yum...

The Hannahs said...

I CAN"T BELIEVE SHE'S A MONTH OLD ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She gets more beautiful everytime I see pictures of her. We miss you guys so much and can't wait to see you all again. We love you all!