Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tummy Time Fun

Anna Todd is now 6 weeks old. She is changing and doing new things everyday. We started tummy time this week on her activity mat, and she is really starting to like it. How do I know? Because AT started smiling this week!!! Todd and I love to get her to smile and she even acts like she is trying to laugh!


Christie Abercrombie said...

Love all the new pics! She is such a cutie pie!!! And she has an awesome wardrobe!!!

The Hannahs said...

HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Gosh, we miss you guys. I know you are enjoying every second with that angel. We love you guys very much and hope to see you soon.


OHHHH, my heart is skippin beats again, what an angel!!
I cant wait until Aunt Roc can read to her, tell her stories, have tea parties with her, get her giggle box turned over, play peek a boo with her. I wonder what her lil voice will sound like.. Oh I missd her.
Im coming to see her soon, u guys!

Tara Harden said...

I love following along with all your posts and getting to see little AT! At least if we can't actually get together, I can at least feel like I am getting to know her a little bit... But, we do need to get together. I so forget about y'all being over here--since everybody else we know lives "across the bay." I need your email address.... Go onto my profile and email me so I can get it.